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It can’t possibly already be May

May 25th, 2010 No comments

Let it be known that while I might have a blog, I do NOT consider myself to be a blogger!  The lapse in updates certainly explains why.

Instead, I have this whole crazy life thing I allow to interfere with writing here.  I don’t usually cross too many personal lines with this space, but I have no idea why not.  I say entirely too much crap on twitter and facebook that I’m sure no one ever wanted to know.  Why not here, too?

So, in the spirit of over-sharing (and perhaps posting before I have to change the title to “…June.”)  What have I been so busy with since deciding that I’m a crappy full-time employee?

Working.  Yes, I know I quit my job.  But I do consulting stuff.  No, I’m not going to pitch you.  I’m not even going to tell you about it.  I’m just mentioning it because it takes time.  (Oh.  And because I love it.  But that’s a story for another time.)

Attempting to sell our house.  Didn’t quite work out that way, but we did finally get several things off our house-to-do list.

Getting a 3mo puppy.  Because two kids, the dingo-dog, a cat not even cool enough for a real name, a grumpy turtle, grumpy turtle’s collection of fish friends, and a husband just weren’t enough to take care of.  But really.. Can you blame me for falling in love with that face?

Going to Texas.  Again.  And what felt like again.  And again.  As I drove with two kids and the puppy from KC to Austin to Houston to Austin to KC.  I saw a lot of family and a few good friends, but the driving was awful.  Particularly the five hour drive to Houston.. while I had some sort of stomach bug.

Battling snot.  Seriously.  I think the majority of the world is with me on this one right now; my allergies are horrible this year.

There was a lot of laundry and life in between, but those are the bigger things that occupied my time over the last several weeks.  Did you miss me?