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A Shot Straight to the Heart of Lazy American Culture: Irresponsible Parenting

September 3rd, 2011 Stacey No comments

I see it all the time and am sick of passively watching without saying what (unfortunately) needs to be said:

Too many parents in the United States apparently just don’t care enough to teach their kids the simplest of things.

Like, brushing their teeth, according to my friend Karina. She might be a saint, but obviously doesn’t appreciate having to do a lazy parent’s job, in addition to her responsibilities as a daycare provider:

The only thing I could ask for different is that the parents would have the kids brush their teeth BEFORE they get here in the morning….. Stink stinky

Or paying close attention/guarding them around a new person/dog/cat/animal/spirit… Let alone teaching them how to behave around a creature that is different than them, as my friend and colleague “B’” has said for years.

If we cannot teach our children the simplest of tasks, who are we to point fingers at the government for cutting back on education spending? Who are we to yell at a teacher for doing their jobs, just because we think we “know” a better way? Who are we to blame our neighbors for owning a dog and keeping it in their own yard, just because it bit your child who got in its face when you stopped paying attention?

Unless you have proven that you are fully capable, all-knowing and omnipotent, quit making excuses, start looking in the mirror and listen.

Get off your lazy ass and teach your kids right from wrong.

No one else is going to do it for you.

It’s your child.

It’s YOUR responsibility.

If you don’t, you are only creating more problems.

More of YOU.

Yeah. That’s right. I called you a problem. Got somethin’ to say about it, Lazy American?

Take. Responsibility. For. Yourselves. First.

Then, come and bitch at me for speaking my mind. Which, if you remember, is my Constitutional Right.